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BuyRilmenidine believes in the continued advances in research to assist with longevity in both humans and animals. BuyRilmenidine believes Rilmenidine may be part of that evolutional progression.

The Product

BuyRilmenidine products are sourced from reputable suppliers who purchase directly from the manufacturer.  The tablets are not produced by a third party compound pharmacy.


Our current branded product is Hyperium which contains 1mg of Rilmenidine per tablet. The product is manufactured by Les Labetoires Servier in France.

The Research

Rilmenidine has been used as a hypertension medication for many years.  Its available in certain countries with or without a prescription.  Its a longer term medication, rather than a ‘quick fix’, which requires regular visits with a medical practitioner to check your continued health status.

Recent exciting studies in 2023 have given hope that Rilmenidine contributes to longevity in animals and continues that research with humans.  You can read more about this study on Aging Cell magazine.

As with any medication you are advised to have regular check-ups and blood work to ensure Rilmenidine is right for you.  This may (and is recommended as with any medication) you have regular blood work alongside your regular check-ups.  Speak to your medical practitioner to help understand if this is required, everyone is different. You will be required to accept our Privacy Policy all Terms and Conditions when purchasing and registering for any communications from BuyRilmenidine.


Questions?  Have a browse of the FAQs page or contact us on hello@buyrilmenidine.com

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